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A new chapter for a visionary creative

Sandra Murphy-Pak is an artist challenging and changing the limits of working and living with the disability known as ALS.  Her artistic expressions during this time have opened new dimensions in her work and career for all of us to enjoy.

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Global Admiration

Sandra Murphy-Pak enjoys a global audience of admirers and supporters. Stephen Hawking, acclaimed physicist and cosmologist, was one a her collectors, as well as sharing the ALS condition.

"Be Well" Exhibition

What does it mean to be well?  What do we need to be safe, healthy, and whole?  How can we more fully approach the acts of caregiving and caretaking?  How do art, culture, and artists impact well-being?  These are a few of the questions that this exhibition explores, with Sandra and other artists serving as our guides.

Sandra's Story: An Artist Living with ALS

Sandra's Story: An Artist Living with ALS

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