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Artist Prints by 
Sandra Murphy-Pak

Sandra Murphy-Pak is an artist challenging and changing the limits of working and living with disability. Her personal diagnosis with ALS (widely known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) has led to new dimensions of achievement in an already spectacular professional career. 


Sandra has been a visionary citizen and creative force in more than 30 years as an artist and educator. Since 2015 she has created new original art using her right foot as her only creative implement. Her “Footwork” series of paintings has been featured in national and regional publications and exhibited at major medical and educational institutions.  


Sandra was diagnosed with ALS while she was engaged as an artist-in-residence at the prestigious UF Health Shands Arts In Medicine Program. She worked throughout the hospital system. She engaged patients, designed and implemented projects, and collaborated with colleagues within this innovative program. Her improbable transformation from artist and educator to artist-living-with-disability has led to what she considers the most productive creative period of her career.

Abstract Collection
Instrument Collection

The "Abstract Collection" features stunning, abstract expressions of color and form, all painted "by foot." Beautiful prints are available on canvas and paper in various sizes.

This "Instrument Collection" features expressive representations of classic musical instruments, all painted "by foot." Beautiful prints are available on canvas and paper in various sizes.

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